Titan Diecast - March PSA

Titan Diecast - March PSA

Nick Sugg |

We have quite a few important updates that you definitely want to read through. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Something we are going to start doing is a "PSA" every month. 

For the past month and a half, it's been crazy busy here at Titan Diecast. We've been developing new Titan Diecast products, setting up our paint and assembly shop, working with First Gear on an exclusive production run, and in about two weeks we are moving into a new facility. There's so much going on at once and it's just been quite hectic!


New Paint and Assembly Shop

We've opened a fully functional paint and assembly shop in collaboration with our USA builder. This will allow us to have a supply of castings and paint them in on an as needed basis - reducing the overall turnaround time and more available product. 


Tag and Tilt Trailers

Our tag and tilt trailers are finally almost done. The decals are being applied and then they'll be shipped to us! We are now estimating these to be available in mid-April.


Tonkin Ford F350 Service Trucks

A lot of you probably noticed the Tonkin Replicas Ford F350 Service Trucks show up on eBay China. We were notified by one of our Tonkin Replicas distributors that these had officially become available. You also may have noticed that the bodies weren’t straight. Titan Diecast to the rescue! We have an order of these on the way, and all of them will be perfect once they leave our shop – we are going to disassemble and reassemble all of them so the cab and bed are perfectly straight. We had known that they were a little bit off, but since the new paint and assembly shop is up and running, we have the ability to efficiently and precisely correct all of them. These will be available in Red, Black, White, and Construction Yellow at an *estimated* retail price of $49.95. We might to a couple of bed swaps on a few - White/Red, Red/Black, Yellow/Black etc. You can expect these to be available in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. 


AMI Attachments

We've been long sold out of our bucket sets. We've developed new 15 and 35 ton sets with AMI Attachments, a Canadian manufacturer of attachments for construction equipment with a large presence in the USA. The 35 ton set includes 5 buckets, a thumb and a coupler. The 15 ton set includes 2 buckets, a thumb and a coupler. The best part about both of these sets is that they include tilt buckets! We even went to install different teeth on the 35 ton set, which is comprised of (2) buckets with paddle teeth, (2) buckets with standard teeth. Everything is fully functional including the tilt bucket. No definite availability date but we are looking at early May. 

Fear not, we will have another run of the original 25 and 45 ton bucket sets. We will have 15, 25, 35, and 45 ton sets available all at the same time. 


Rockland Krypto Klaw Buckets

We will have another run of these available in about a month!


New Titan Diecast Exclusive Run with First Gear

We've just signed off on an exclusive production run with First Gear - the 1/50 Scale Peterbilt 367 with Talbert Lowboy. We've done (2) new colors - Northsea Gray and Sovereign Blue. These also come in some awesome Titan Diecast branded boxes with an outer shipper too. We'll put out more information via a separate announcement to be made this week. 


TMC Hitachi Models

It's been a while since we've received a shipment of Hitachi models. Once we are settled in at the new facility, we will have an order of the Hitachi models come in including the ZX140W-6, ZX250-6, ZX350-6, ZX490-6, ZW180-6 and ZW310-6. There are two new models, ZX890LC-7 and ZX300LC-7 that should be available in May or June. The ZX690LC-6 excavators have been sold out for a while and should be available again with the two new models coming. 

Product Selection: Improving our Variety of Available Product

Our product selection will be widened! We're moving into a bigger facility in about two weeks, and once we are settled in we will start having new product come in on a weekly basis from brands like: Diecast Masters, First Gear, DCP, Conrad, NZG, Weiss Brothers, TMC (Hitachi), CCM, Motorart (Kobelco), Ertl, etc. And best of all – our very own Titan Diecast parts and accessories! Our goal is to be your one stop shop. We really mean that - parts, attachments, and models all in one place.  


Diecast Masters Cat Skid Steers in Black

These have arrived in the states and will be shipping shortly! Keep an eye out for an invoice if you preordered! 

Titan Diecast LLC


We have a lot of used (but good condition) models we've listed for sale on our website. Lots of great deals - check it out! Be sure to read the descriptions - we've described the condition of the models to the best of our ability and all sales are final. Click the link below. 




Thank you for reading this month's PSA, and we appreciate your continued support of Titan Diecast!


Nick Sugg

Owner, Titan Diecast

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