*Metal* 35 Ton Coupler/Thumb/Bucket Set - Bare Metal


SKU: 45TBS-BM Titan Diecast LLC


  • Cat 330 D/Next Gen
  • Cat 335F
  • Cat 336 D/E/F/Next Gen
  • Hitachi ZX350
  • Komatsu PC360
  • Deere 345G
  • Kobelco SK350
  • Many more we cant think of!


  • 4 Buckets
  • Quick Coupler
  • Thumb
  • Thumb Cylinder & Cylinder Mount
  • Mounting Pins

Holes are pre-drilled on painted sets, but will need to be drilled by the end user on bare metal sets. Using a bench drill/drill press is the best way to do so.  Bare metal castings might need to be trimmed and or cleaned up.

Cylinder tube will need to be cut to 2.5cm.

 Designed to fit many different models... the inside space of the coupler is 9.2mm, so if your model has a stick width of 9mm or less the bucket set will go on easily, If it is a little over, some filing/sanding might be necessary but that is easy enough to do.